History of Wycliffe Associates’ volunteer work

Our History . . . Our Heart

Translating every verse into every tongue to change every heart

In 1967, three people deeply concerned about the future of Bible translation—Bill Butler, Dale Kietzman, and Rudy Renfer—realized that translators were spending an increasing amount of their time in non-translation tasks. Building and maintaining facilities, doing office work and accounting, vehicle maintenance, and a myriad of other practical tasks were absorbing more and more of their time. They saw that laypeople with a heart for service and a wide variety of skills could accelerate Bible translation by freeing up thousands of hours of translation time each year.

These three men also knew that volunteering in the mission field would increase Christians’ awareness of opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission by translating every verse of God’s Word into every tongue to change every heart in the world.

And they also knew hundreds of millions were still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language. They had to give these people access to the truth of the gospel—so they could know the God who loves them and desires a relationship with them.

So Wycliffe Associates was founded.

Today, Wycliffe Associates is using new methodologies, new technologies, and highly skilled people to accelerate Bible Translation faster than our founders ever imagined possible. We are partnering with the local Church to implement leading-edge programs like Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation. We are providing national translators with Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs) and Online Collaboration Systems to ensure they can communicate in "real time" with translation consultants across the world without interruption.

Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people are still waiting for a Bible to be written in their heart language. Translators are working throughout the world to start translation projects in every language needing one by the year 2025. This massive undertaking is called Vision 2025. To meet this goal, translators need your help!

You Are the Heart of Wycliffe Associates

Through the years, thousands of people have given generously of their time, talents, and treasure to help Bible translation around the world. The result: translation work has been accelerated, providing more translated Scriptures more quickly to people who need to hear God’s Word.

  • Business professionals use their years of experience to coordinate and manage translation programs overseas.
  • Construction workers use their talents to design buildings; do framing, wiring, and bricklaying; install utilities; build translation centers; pave roads; build airstrips; and provide schools, offices, and housing
  • Technology experts set up global networks and help train national translators on how to use Translation Acceleration Kits and Online Collaboration Systems to ensure they can communicate in ‘real time’ with translation consultants across the world without interruption.
  • Trainers provide accessible online training to equip and expand national translation teams around the world.
  • Experts come alongside Bible translators in the field to assist with community development projects.
  • Other volunteers make vital contributions on short-term mission trips, providing Vacation Bible School programs, accounting, mechanics, and other services
  • Families open their homes and hearts to traveling missionaries through the Hospitality Ministry and raise funds for projects through the Wycliffe Associates Banquet Ministry
  • Only the Lord knows the impact of the hours of prayer on the part of Wycliffe Associates Prayer Watch members

You can be involved in this great work, when you:

Go . . . Wherever Your Heart Leads You

Give . . . As Your Heart Guides You

Pray . . . So those waiting will receive God’s Word in our lifetime