Current Project Updates

Current Project Updates

Click on any one of the projects below to see how your gifts are supporting the life-changing work of Bible translation.

Airstrip Repair Project — Airstrips are critical to the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.

Alotau Translation Training Center — The reality is that the need for qualified translators is overwhelming . . . especially in a place like Papua New Guinea! Together we can establish a Bible translation training center and provide technology resources to equip national translators in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea.

Angola Bible Translation — In this poverty stricken country, littered with land mines and ruins of war, God opens the door. God opens the door for more than 40 language groups needing Bible translation starts.

Bamenda Translation Training Center — Representatives from many different language groups are pleading for help to develop translations of the Scriptures in their own languages.

Benin National Translation Center — Known as the “voodoo stronghold of the world,” Benin is among the top 15 nations of the world that needs Bible translation. See how you can help bring the truth of the Scripture to over two million people living in fear.

Bible Translation Technologies – BTAK — National Bible translators in remote regions of the world are facing incredible dangers. But they are not alone! Wycliffe Associates is dedicated to training and equipping national translators using new Bible Translation Technologies.

Indonesia Pilatus PC-6 Airplane #2 — Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children living in spiritual darkness in the mountain villages and jungles of Papua, Indonesia don’t have a single word of Scripture in their heart languages. Inaccessibility puts Bible translation efforts at risk. A Pilatus PC-6 airplane can dramatically accelerate Bible translation.

Maroua Translation Training Center — While language groups, even entire communities are begging to have the Bible translated into their languages, Wycliffe Associates is building the Maroua Translation Training Center in this strategic location in Northern Cameroon.

MAST Program — A small group of 13 faithful national translators, including Pa, translated half the New Testament in just two weeks! How? By testing a pioneering new method for translating books of the Bible in parallel, with lightning speed and Bible consultant-checked accuracy.

Mbeya Cluster Translation Project — The Mbeya Cluster translation project in Tanzania is already underway. See how you can help remove one of the obstacles to making progress in translating Scripture into these 10 languages.

New Ireland Translation Institute — On a tiny exotic island just off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Bible translators Ed and Debi Condra, along with their Bible translation team, completed the New Testament for the Patpatar people. But there is more. See how the Patpatar people are making a difference in their community.

Nigeria Translation Office Expansion Project — The Nigeria team of national Bible translators has increased eightfold over the last three years! Now we—Wycliffe Associates—must provide the tools and facilities for them to work. See how you can help renovate the existing facility to allow Bible translators to move forward with their God-given task.

Open Bible Stories — 50 Bible stories in 6 weeks! Wycliffe Associates has a brand new tool for evangelism and Bible translation with stories from Creation to Redemption!

Operation Clean Water — Millions of people around the world don’t have clean water to drink. See how you can help give them the desperately needed gift of clean water—and along the way, give them the life-giving gift of God’s Word in their own language.

Print On Demand — In countries where Christians are persecuted, arrested, and hunted down, the church is in hiding. Bible translators must meet in secret. In secret they ask us for Print on Demand (POD) systems.

Scriptures for New Frontiers — When we think of what is happening in some countries—Christians being tortured and murdered, believers being persecuted and driven from their homes—we know that only God's Word can change their world.

Sepik Translation Initiative — Deep in the jungles along the Sepik River, there is a constant struggle between the light and spiritual darkness . . . it’s a reality that people in this area are intimately familiar with. Today you can help bring them God’s Word—their only hope.

Tablets for National Translators — Tablets for National Translators empowers local believers and church members to work on Bible translation efforts any time and any place!

Timor Region Bible Translation Project — The opportunity is here to help start 60 new Bible translation projects in the Timor region. Now is the time to bring God’s precious Word to another community of men, women, and children who are still waiting to hear of His love and compassion. Now is your opportunity to help.

West Timor Translation Center — Incredibly, 63 translators are working with limited workspace, hampered by the lack of basic necessities and equipment in a "shell" of a building that Wycliffe Associates helped provide. We can help turn this building into a fully functioning translation center.