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West Timor Translation Center
Timor Region Bible Translation Project
Tablets for National Translators
Southeast Asia Hangar Complex
Solomon Islands Training Center
Sepik Translation Initiative
Scriptures for New Frontiers
Print On Demand
Peru Literacy and Linguistic Training Centers
Orlando Volunteer Mobilization Center
Operation Clean Water
Open Bible Stories
Nigeria Translation Office Expansion Project
New Ireland Translation Institute
Mbeya Cluster Translation Project
MAST Program
Maroua Translation Training Center
Kenya Multi-purpose Building Project
Indonesia Pilatus PC-6 Airplane Project
Indonesia Pilatus PC-6 Airplane #2
Cameroon Soloy Cessna 207 Airplane Project
Bible Translation Technologies – BTAK
Benin National Translation Center
Bamenda Translation Training Center
Angola Bible Translation
Alotau Translation Training Center
Airstrip Repair Project

Wycliffe Associates News & Update Articles
Wycliffe Associates Enhances Safety of Bible Translators in Hostile Areas by Providing Equipment, Technology
Wycliffe Associates Commits to Funding Bible Translation Efforts for Vulnerable Christians in Southeast Asia
Wycliffe Associates Installing Print On Demand Systems for Quick, Easy Access to Printed Scriptures in Dangerous Areas
Wycliffe Associates Expands Groundbreaking Scripture Translation Program to Over 100 Languages
Wycliffe Associates Supporting Underground Bible Translators Targeted by Extremists in the Middle East and Central Asia
Program Managers Needed!
June/July 2015 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Providing Computer Tablets for Bible Translators in Volatile Regions to Protect Against Extremist Violence, Persecution
Business Consultant Needed
Wycliffe Associates Providing Technology, Training, Support to Bible Translators Besieged by Extremists in Africa
Wycliffe Associates to Host Christian Hackathon: Code for the Kingdom
Document Management Specialist Needed
April/May 2015 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Providing Technology to Mother Tongue Translators Where Christians Are in Constant Danger
Bible Translation Specialists Needed
Bible Scholars Needed . . . help from home!
Special Edition 2015 eInvolved!
A Job to Love
Wycliffe Associates Completes Unprecedented Pilot Program, Translating Nearly Half of New Testament in Two Weeks
Wycliffe Associates Enhances Support for Underground Bible Translation Efforts in Regions Hostile to Christians and Westerners
Center Manager Needed in Central African Republic
Language Program Facilitator Needed in Africa
Wycliffe Associates Partners with National Christian Leaders to Advance Bible Translation for Isolated Groups in Pacific Region
Lead Bible Editor Urgently Needed
Finance Manager Needed in the South Pacific
Wycliffe Associates Launches Free Android App Offering Global Access to Bible Stories and Facilitating Future Bible Translation
Wycliffe Associates Excited about New Resource to Share Bible Stories with Language Groups that Lack the Translated Scriptures
Business Consultant Needed in East Asia
October/November 2014 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Providing Technology to Increase Efficiency, Safety for Bible Translators in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bible Scholars Needed
Electrical Power Specialist Needed
Wycliffe Associates Seizes Limited Opportunity to Support Bible Translation in Cameroon’s Terrorist-Plagued Northern Region
Researcher Needed
Computer and Audio Engineering Mentors Needed in Nepal
August/September 2014 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Undertakes Support of New Bible Translation Efforts in the Birthplace of Voodoo
Assistant Center Manager Needed in Eurasia
Wycliffe Associates to Support Launch of up to 100 New Bible Translation Projects in Papua New Guinea’s Sepik Region
Experienced Language Survey Coordinator Needed for the DRC
Business Consultant Needed for African Lions
Wycliffe Associates to Help Launch Unprecedented Bible Translation Efforts in Civil War–Ravaged Angola
June/July 2014 eInvolved!
Program Managers Needed in Africa
Facilities Manager and Trainer Needed
Wycliffe Associates Commits to Supporting Bible Translation in a New Frontier Where Christians Are Targeted for Violence
Program Manager Needed in Nigeria
Wycliffe Associates Continuing to Support Bible Translation Efforts in South Sudan at Critical Time in the Nation
“Super” Accountants Needed
Wycliffe Associates Providing Remote Collaboration Tools for Bible Translators in Areas that Lack Reliable Electricity or Internet Access
Teacher Urgently Needed in Central Asia
Partnership Coordinator Needed
Wycliffe Associates to Support National Bible Translators in Volatile Regions of the World
Program Manager in Indonesia Needed
Wycliffe Associates Providing Aid to Bible Translation Teams and Families in Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines
Opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Small Business CEO Needed in East Asia
Wycliffe Associates President Bruce Smith Publishes Memoir about Decades of Work in Global Ministry
Wycliffe Associates Supporting Start-up of 60 New Bible Translation Projects in Southeast Asia’s Timor Region
December 2013/January 2014 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Launches Pacific Advance to Boost Support of Mother-Tongue Translators in the Pacific
Needed—Operations Coordinator in Tanzania
U.S. Operations Manager and Network Engineer Needed
October/November 2013 eInvolved!
Help Needed for Bible Translation in Southern Africa
Wycliffe Associates Launches Operation Timothy to Help Make Scripture Accessible Where Religious Freedoms Are Limited
The Reward for Good Work
Guesthouse Manager Needed in Indonesia
New Opportunities on the Horizon
Wycliffe Associates Hopes to Help Launch up to 100 New Language Projects in Papua New Guinea’s Sepik River Region
August/September 2013 eInvolved!
Advancing Bible Translation in India
Key Professionals Needed in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Wycliffe Associates is Raising Funds for Second Pilatus PC-6 Aircraft Headed to Serve Bible Translators in Papua, Indonesia
Business Manager/Director Needed in Madagascar
Business Manager Needed in the Middle East
June/July 2013 eInvolved!
Key Personnel Needs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wycliffe Associates Supplies Technology Tools to Bible Translators, Saving Them Time and Keeping Them Safe
Program Manager Needed in Southeast Asia
Recruiter Needed in Cameroon
Apr/May 2013 eInvolved
Wycliffe Associates Aiming to Maximize Bible Translation in South Sudan as Civil and Political Unrest Continues
Program Manager Needed in South Sudan
IT Support for Bible Translation
Wycliffe Associates Steps Up Recruiting to Meet Surging Demand for English Teachers in Bible Translation Projects
Feb/Mar 2013eInvolved!
Office Manager Needed
Business Manager Needed
Wycliffe Associates Seeking to Help Provide Specially Designed Aircraft for Bible Translation Efforts in Papua New Guinea
Becoming Part of a Missionary Family
Wycliffe Associates Has Established Fund to Ensure Scriptures Are Accessible in Areas Hostile to Christianity
Program Manager Needed in Madagascar
Wycliffe Associates Delivering the Scriptures to Hostile Areas through the Use of Digital Publishing
Fall 2012 eInvolved!
CEO Needed!
Indonesia Program Leader Needed
Accelerating Bible Translation with Information Technology
Bible Translation Organization Provides RV Sites for Volunteers at its locations in Texas and Florida
Launching 100 New Translations in PNG
Wycliffe Associates Steps Up Installation of Technology for Translators and Saves Years of Bible Translation Time
Late Summer 2012 eInvolved!
Volunteer Coordinator Needed
Wycliffe Associates Assisting with Bible Translation Efforts for 80 Language Groups Without Scriptures in the Timor Region
Bible Translation Team Building in Kathmandu
Information Technology Specialists Needed
Early Summer 2012 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Supporting Bible Translation Efforts in Africa amid Sectarian Violence
Bible Translation in Southeast Asia
Speeding God’s Word to South Sudan
Wycliffe Associates Supporting Completion of 15 Remaining Languages in Remote Papua New Guinea Province
Finance Manager Needed
Wycliffe Associates Connects Bible Translators in Isolated, Dangerous Regions with Satellite Communication
It Takes a Team
Spring 2012 eInvolved!
Human Resources Mentors Needed
Matching Funds for Wycliffe Associates to Be Used for Aircraft Hangar in Rugged Papua, Indonesia
Program Manager Urgently Needed
One Accountant Can Make a Major Difference
New Door Opens for Wycliffe Associates Construction of Strategic Translation Training Center in Cameroon
Information Technology Technicians Needed
Business Manager Needed
Winter 2012 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Working to Complete National Bible Translation Training Center in Remote Region of Papua New Guinea
Education Teams Needed This March
Parlez-vous Accounting?
Wycliffe Associates Giving High Priority to Bible Translation Efforts in Newly Independent South Sudan
Project Managers Needed
Business Experience Needed
Wycliffe Associates Working to Support National Bible Translators in the World’s High-Risk, Volatile Areas
Good Samaritian Needed
Accountants Needed!
Fall 2011 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Working to Bring the Translated Scriptures to One of the World’s Most Diverse Populations
Launching New Bible Translation Programs
Regional Center Managers Needed
Wycliffe Associates Using New Technology to Accelerate Bible Translation like Never Before
Business Manager Urgently Needed
Acute Need for Teachers
Late Summer 2011 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Says Bible Translation Is Ultimately Saving Lives in Papua
Construction Team Needed in Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)
Completing Bible Translation in Nigeria
Wycliffe Associates Hopes Clean Water Will Support Communities and Clear Obstacles to Bible Translation in Africa
Wycliffe Associates Looking to Support Mother Tongue Translators in Timor Region by Expanding Work Facilities
Language Internship Opportunity
Early Summer 2011 eInvolved!
Wycliffe Associates Accelerates Bible Translation Efforts in Remote Papua New Guinea with Matching Funds
Tutor Needed in West Asia
A Cord of Three Strands . . .
Wycliffe Associates Stepping Up Support for Bible Translation in War-Ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo
Needed – I.T. Technician for Nigeria
Wycliffe Associates to Fund Critical Airstrip Repair in Remote Papua New Guinea
Language Program Managers Needed
Spring 2011 eInvolved!
New Scripture Translation at an Ancient Crossroad
Airstrip Maintenance
Wycliffe Associates Working to Send Critical Aid to Japan
Wycliffe Associates Aims to Help Bible Translators Harness Technology and Stay Out of Harm’s Way
Bible Translation Construction Boom in Africa!
Your Opportunity to Speed Bible Translation in Asia!
High-Impact Opportunities in East Asia
Wycliffe Associates Aims to Replace Aging Aircraft Used to Aid Bible Translation Efforts in Indonesia
Site Volunteer Coordinator for Papua New Guinea
Your Partnership Making a Difference for Eternity
The Country With the Most Languages Still Needing Scripture
Business Manager Needed
Blessing Missionary Families
Wycliffe Associates Receives Matching Challenge Funds for Bible Translation Support Efforts in Southern Sudan
Computer Specialists Needed
Wycliffe Associates to Help Replace Aging, Less Efficient Aircraft for Bible Translation Support Efforts in Indonesia
A Teacher for My Friend Simon
Bible Translation Startups
What Happens When a Man or Woman Decides to Worship God?
Wycliffe Associates to Provide Critically Needed Water Supply System at World’s Largest Bible Translation Center
Fall 2010 eInvolved
Parlez-Vous Construction?
Wycliffe Associates Receives Matching Funds Challenge to Assist Bible Translators Working in Hostile Areas
Business Experience Needed
Wycliffe Associates Seeking to Answer Avgas Shortage with Turbine Aircraft for Cameroon Bible Translation Efforts
Eternal Impact
Late Summer 2010 eInvolved!
The Gift of Hospitality
Urgent Need for Tutors
“Grassroots” Bible Translation
Wycliffe Associates Seeking to Refurbish Bible Translation Center in War-Torn Democratic Republic of Congo
Supporting National Translator Teams
Early Summer 2010 eInvolved
Following David Livingston’s Footsteps
Wycliffe Associates Working to Provide Video Access to Scriptures for International Deaf Communities
Looks like Europe, Feels and Tastes like Asia
Kids Ministry in Spain
Spring 2010 eInvolved
Immediate Short-term Hospitality Need in India
Calling All Finance/Accounting Workers
Live from Nairobi!
Wycliffe Associates Teams Aid in Clean-up Efforts in Peru after Flooding near Machu Picchu
Leading the Wycliffe Associates Team in Papua New Guinea
Winter 2010 eInvolved
Wanted--Hospitable People!
Managers and Mentors for Papua New Guinea
Timing Is Critical for Wycliffe Associates’ Completion of Translation Facilities in Southern Sudan
Upcoming KidZone Teams
Celebrating the New Year in Bible Translation
Business Manager Needed for Bible Translation in Eurasia
Wycliffe Associates Seeking Funds and Volunteers for Construction of Solomon Islands Translation Center
Fall 2009 eInvolved
Urgently Needed—Someone with the Gift of Hospitality
Leaders or Managers?
Wycliffe Associates Seeking Aid for Bible Translation Personnel in Flood-Ravaged Philippines
Bible Translation Training Center Planned for African Region Plagued by Widespread Occultism
Holiday Service Opportunity in India
Supporting Bible Translation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
OneVerse Volunteers
Summer 2009 eInvolved!
Leaders Needed
Wycliffe Associates to Construct Translation Center in the Heart of War-torn DRC
Strategic Volunteer Opportunities in Eurasia
School Is Out—But Not For Long!
Construction of Translation Center on Track after Political Strife Subsides
A Very Unique Place to Serve
Late Summer KidZone Teams
Spring 2009 eInvolved
Come to TeenZone
Serving in the South Pacific
Summer in Orlando, Florida
Wycliffe Associates Helps Bible Translators Employ New “Project Storyteller” Strategy
The Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea
Professionals Needed
“Blind Faith”—A Totally Blind Construction Worker Gives His All As a Volunteer with Wycliffe Associates
U.S. Support for Bible Translation
Winter 09 eInvolved
Wycliffe Associates to Help with Medical Evacuations in Papua New Guinea
Serving “Down Under”
Three Million to Have Scriptures in Their Own Language for the First Time
Literacy in Peru Takes a Giant Leap

High-Impact Service Opportunities in Cameroon
Bottlenecks and Floodgates
Fall 2008 eInvolved
Winter Team to Kenya
A Thanksgiving to Remember
Volunteers Urgently Needed in Asia!
Philippines Construction Team
What Can I Do That Will Help Today?
Eurasia Service Opportunities
Wycliffe Associates to Battle Malaria to Safeguard Bible Translators and Keep Translation Moving Forward
Extreme Makeover—Volunteer Edition
Top Priorities in Papua New Guinea
Summer 2008 eInvolved
The Difference a Team Makes
Short-term Mission Trips
Major Construction Project in Orlando
Financial Trends
Critical Need in Central Asia
Operation Clean Water to Open the Door for Bible Translation
More Seed
Seeking Leaders with a Heart for Missionary Kids
Praying Personally
Spring 2008 eInvolved
Family Reunions
Wycliffe Associates to Raise Funds for 2nd PNG KODIAK Airplane
Wycliffe Associates Orlando Team
Bible Translation Jeopardy!
The Resurrection of God's Word
Short-Term Opportunities in the South Pacific
Take a Friend Out To Dinner—On Me!
Godly Geeks
The Bible Translation Marathon
‘Vacations with a Purpose’ on the Rise among American Christians;
Winter 2008 eInvolved
Serving the Isolated
Unprecedented Growth
The Year Ahead
Serving Families in Ministry
Extreme Makeover In African Nation
Wycliffe Associates Orlando Volunteer Mobilization Center Completed
Winter Service Opportunities
Balancing Checkbooks
Opportunities in Peru
The Unseen Network
Valuable People
Wycliffe Associates Volunteers to repair landing strips in remote jungles of Papua New Guinea
Fall 2007 eInvolved
Le Tourneau University to honor Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, as Alumnus of the Year
A Unique Challenge, and Opportunity
Seasons of Prayer
A Very Unique Service Opportunity
A Vital Role
Walking By Faith
Our Ministry “Mates”
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Wycliffe Associates Renovation Project to Support Translation efforts in 60 Asian Languages
Advancing Bible Translation in Texas
Where Do Wycliffe Associates Volunteers Come From?
A New “Jenga” Strategy for Wycliffe Associates
Summer 2007 eInvolved
A Strategic Opportunity in Thailand
Wycliffe Associates to Expand School in Southeast Asia
Elaine Townsend: Faithful to the End
Redeeming the Time
20/20 Hindsight
A Heart for Nigeria
Progress Report
The Front Line of the Gospel
Concrete, Steel and Glass, Sweat, and Prayer
Wycliffe Associates to Train Volunteers to Build Water Filters in Africa
Service Opportunities in the Philippines
Prayer in Different “Languages”
Bible Translation Expands on New Ireland Island in Papua New Guinea
Spring 2007 eInvolved
A Cup of Cold Water
Serving the Servants
Indonesian Earthquake: Opportunity in the Aftermath
Strategic Service Opportunities
The Luxury of Complacency
How Are Your “People Skills”?
Looking Beyond Spring Break
Evolution and Intelligent Design
Everyone’s Job
Living on a Ridge: The Folopa People Receive their First New Testament
Celebrating the Source
Teachers Are #1
Winter 2007 Involved
Wycliffe Associates Volunteers to Install Power Generator in Jungle
Looking for the “Dirty Dozen”
Finding the Source
Out of Africa
Another Gift
Opportunities in the South Pacific
Southeast Asia to receive Community Development Aid from Wycliffe Associates
Building for the Future
Unanticipated Opportunities
Europe and Bible Translation
A Higher Plane of Thanksgiving
The World Is Waiting!
Fall 2006 Involved
Speaking the Heart Language of Families
Pulling Wycliffe’s Chain
Translation Requires a Team
Welcome to the Blogosphere!
Just South of the Border
Wycliffe Associates to Address Overseas Teacher Shortage
Beat the Rush!
Be the Difference!
“The 9 to 5 Window”
International Teaching Opportunities
Expansion of Bible Translation in Mexico Accelerating
The Mouth Newspaper
Summer 2006 Involved
Looking at the Middle East
The Power of Relationships
Volunteer Ministry Opportunities in Africa
Divine Appointments
Earthquake In Indonesia Prompts Rebuilding Effort From Wycliffe Associates
Calling All Teachers
Tsunami & Earthquake Update: Wycliffe Associates Finishes Rebuilding Project in Indonesia
Renovating a School
Summer Teamwork
5,000 Volunteers
Use Your Construction Skills in France
Lightning Strikes Missionary Plane at 20,000 Feet
Praying From a New Perspective
International “Construction Boom”
Open Graves
ESL—What does that mean?
Spring 2006 Involved
A Curse Reversed in Western Africa
Finance Volunteers Impact Nations
Summer Travel
Potential Malaria Threat Avoided: Wycliffe Associates to Construct Safe Housing as part of New Training Center for National Bible Translators
Teaching and the Rainforest
A Dinner Invitation
Ready for a Trip?
Progress Report on Bible Translation
News Behind the News
Wycliffe Associates Opens the Orlando Volunteer Center to Meet Challenges in Bible Translation
Seeking Volunteer Mobilization Coordinators
God’s Plan, God’s Providence, and God’s Purpose
Winter 06 Involved
Wycliffe Associates Brings Construction Training to Indonesian Site of Tsunami Disaster
IT Needs You
Paper Blizzards
Teachers Can Impact Bible Translation
Site Volunteer Coordinators are the Key
Pray Without Ceasing
Urgent Volunteer Opportunities
No Expiration Date
Fuel Crisis Threatens Missions in Papua New Guinea
Ministering to Missionary Kids
E-Opportunities Knocking
An Opportunity to Change Lives
Acts of God
Feeding 3,000 or 25,000?
Sign Languages to be Used to Spread the Good News!
Experiencing God!
Working to Accelerate Bible Translation
More than a Carpenter
Wycliffe Associates Won't Let Vision of "Greatest Generation" Fade Away
Reliable Problems
Thank you for Praying
Wycliffe Associates to Build New Center to help Bible Translators crack the mysterious languages of Oaxaca
Electronic Prayer
Get into the Kid Zone
Former Cannibals Set to Translate Bible in East Indies
Terri Schiavo
Team to Host Vacation Bible School In Unlikely Place: Papua New Guinea
Wycliffe Associates Leads International Volunteer Effort to help Tsunami Victims Rebuild
Merger: Wycliffe Associates in America and Great Britain to Combine Efforts to Serve Missionary Children Overseas
Translating Easter
You Are the Key!
Exodus To Friendly Country Saves Bible Translation Work
Accelerating Bible Translation
Looking Ahead in Faith
Help the Tsunami Victims through Trusted Hands
Wycliffe Associates to Send Aid to Bible Translators Affected by Tsunami
South Asia Tsunami
What Better Gift?
Wycliffe Associates Starts Construction of Volunteer Mobilization Center
Building Boom: Wycliffe Associates On Track To Build Schools For Hundreds Of Missionary Children
Good News from the Philippines
The Harvest of your Righteousness
Partner Christian Store to Host Operation Christmas Child Event – Z88.3 to Broadcast Live
The Reward for Doing Good Work
No Substitute
Hurricane News from Wycliffe Associates
Wycliffe Associates to Expand Christian School in Asia
Presidential Agenda
Hurricane Charley
Live Hearts
Smells and Feels Like "Home"
Wycliffe Associates Launches Partner Christian Stores; Grand Opening July 29-31
Update from Kenya
Summer Vacation
Tires for Translation
Up Close and Personal
Green Beret Builds Air Strips In Papua New Guinea to Help Bible Translation
Termite Update
Quantifying Prayer
Making Easter Personal
Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan
Queen Esther
Your investments are growing
What does "Finding Nemo" have to do with Bible translation?
What's happening?
Just Like God
Home Is Where the Heart Is
How Does it Work?
Sand and Sun!
A Turning Point
Preparing for Problems
Visions and Wakeful Nights
A Change of Heart
The Power of Words
A Prayer Request
A Home Away from Home
Introducing Two of our Key Volunteers
Reach Out and Touch Someone
Orlando Volunteer Center - Project Update
The Cumulative Impact of Prayer
Providential Appointments
Summer Vacation
He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Meet Electrical Superintendent Rod McDevitt
Impacts of a Short-term Mission Trip to Kenya
ANNOUNCEMENT: Banquet Speaker Change
A Calling in Construction
A New Context of Service
Praying for Those Who Will Believe
Wycliffe Personnel Safety During War
The Volunteer Mobilization Center—A Gateway of Preparation for Wycliffe Associates Volunteers
Enabling Missionaries in Africa
Obedient to a Calling—And Loving It!
The Joy of Serving Others—Even on Family Vacation!
“How Could the Lord Possibly Use Me?”
Good News from Africa!
Philippines - 50th Anniversary
God Can Use an Engineer in Missions
Finding Adventure and God’s Calling in Supporting Bible Translation
Couple Serves Together Forming Volunteer Construction Teams to Help Bible Translators
Couple Serving Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea Lead A Life Filled with Purpose
Finish in Faith—Attend a Wycliffe Associates Banquet Near You!
The Bible—A Valentine from God!
Being a Home Away from Home: Serving Through Hospitality
Destination: Orlando
If You Can’t Go, Send Your Car Through the Wycliffe Associates Auto Donation Program
On Location in the Philippines
Volunteer Spotlight: Don Eckels
Praying For Those Who Will Believe
A Foreign Future—Message from the President
Giving Through Charitable Remainder Trust
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Volunteer Spotlight: Dick Kuntz
Volunteers Take an RV Trip to Dallas
Thanksgiving Message from the President
Wycliffe Northeast Regional Office Construction Complete
Harvest Project New Testament Dedicated
Changed Lives in Short-term Missions (Part 3 of 3)
Wycliffe’s International Day of Prayer
Changed Lives Through Short-term Missions (Part 2 of 3)
An Urgent and Exciting Need for You to Fill
Twelve Cows and Eight Pigs— Two College Students Discover Their Worth on a Wycliffe Associates Mission Trip
Changed Lives Through Short-term Missions (part 1 of a 3-part series)
Fall Banquets Happening Now!
Wycliffe Associates Receives Grant
A Dream Job
Dedicated to Advancing Bible Translation!
Teacher Helps Advance Bible Translation
Retired Teacher Helping Kids Around the World
Colombia Update
Missions Without Fear: Terrorism Not a Deterrent to Retired Teacher Turned Full-time Volunteer
Architect Travels the World to Improve Conditions for Missionaries
Wycliffe Associates Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary
The Delight of Serving One Another
They Looked Forward to Having Some Extra Time
Mecado Update
911 Response Update
Adding It Up for Bible Translation
Low Income Housing

News from the World of Wycliffe Associates
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Thanks for Helping Us Complete Translation Training Center - “God speaks to my...
Thank You for Rushing Emergency Aid to Bible Translators Impacted by Typhoon Haiyan - Months after...
Thank You for Bringing Them Water for Life - In the world's largest . ....
Test Article - This is a test article for...
Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told - Workshop participants arrived eager to learn...
Telling God’s Story - Families and neighbors sitting...
Technology Paves Way to Speed Bible Translation in Nigeria - It had become a ritual for . . ....
Technology and You—Essential to Bible Translators - In recent years computer technology...
Teacher Serves MKs to Accelerate Bible Translation - For years Karen Erickson had felt...
Strengthening Bible Translation for Africa in . . . Northern Italy? - When John*...
Stepping Forward - Among my childhood memories are . . ....
Speaking Their Language - George Oehieng lost his hearing when . . ....
Sowing—and Reaping—Generously - Fall is harvest time . . ....
Solomon Islands Training Center: The Rest of the Story - Friends like you made the completion...
Sokarek New Testament Nears Completion - The translation of the Sokarek New Testament...
Signs from God - Mark Sweeting and . . ....
Showing God Cares - It is hard for most of us to imagine the stress of . ....
Shifting Winds - Many of you know my early years in ministry were . ....
Sharing the Love of the Scriptures - Aloysius was perched on the edge...
Sharing the Joy in the Solomon Islands - “It is the custom in . . .”...
Sharing Hope - Spring is a time of new life and...
Second KODIAK Aircraft Arrives in Papua New Guinea - Hundreds of Yopno people lined . ....
SALT of the Earth - The tattooed lines on Monika Onesi's face may at first give the impression that...
Replacing Sorrow With Joy - Justo loved his . . ....
Rebuilding Lives in Indonesia - “Imagine, I have given a bath to 21 . . ....
Quenching Thirst and Spiritual Hunger in Paraguay - Cerro Moroti is one of just four . . ....
Print On Demand: One More Way Technology Is Accelerating Bible Translation - The Nigerian team...
Plane Crash Shows Role of Aviation in Bible Translation - Paul Westlund...
Pilipus Sets His Sights on a New Home in Heaven . . . - Pilipus will never...
Pilipus Sets His Sights on a New Home in Heaven . . . - Pilipus will never forget . . ....
Peace That Passes All Understanding - Bible translation helps end hatred among . . ....
Our Legacy - Looking at a child is like looking...
Operation Clean Water - Wycliffe Associates sent a . . ....
One-Time Adversaries, Now One in the Spirit - Animosity among four tribes...
Once Upon a Time - How your support is . . ....
Now They Can Learn to Read Them - In the Cusco region of . . ....
News From Friends - News has become a commodity. The explosion...
New Translation Center to Open in Mexico - We’re happy to share that the new translation...
New Training Center Gives Boost - Translating Scripture is a very . . ....
New Testament Translation Draft Is Possible in Two Weeks! - Pa* is 17 years old and came to Christ...
New Technology Accelerates Bible Translation - Buckle up. . . ....
New School Will Be a Source of Hope - Fifteen years ago . . ....
New KODIAK Aircraft Arrived Two Years Ahead of Schedule, Thanks to You! - People all over the world...
New Housing Project Bolsters Translation - Thanks to generous . ....
New Hope Is Alive in Africa - “Esengo!” shouted the villagers as they waved...
New Dormitory Underscores Important Role Women Play in Bible Translation - The now-completed...
New Aircraft to Serve 80 Language Projects in Central Africa - As the new...
Neither Rain, Mud, nor Washed-Out Bridges Can Keep God’s Word Away - When Phil Harms and...
Moving Forward in Faith - I was recently invited...
Mourning into Joy - Geoff and Aileen Morrow's . ....
Mother Tongue Translator Is “Amazed” by BTAKs - Eliabe, a gifted mother tongue...
Mother and Daughter Organize Library - The task would be . ....
Ministering to Bible Translators’ Children - Volunteers are thanked repeatedly . . . ...
MAST Program Cuts Translation Time by More Than Half - The old Bakoko man...
Love in Any Language - As I read through . . ....
Living Water Springs Eternal - Few of us have experienced . ....
Like Never Before . . . - What an exciting time in...
Liberated by God’s Translated Word - Martha—the village priestess whom everyone...
Laboring in the Lord's Vineyard - The following is an . . ....
KODIAK Plane Is a Godsend to Bible Translators - Imagine it is early . . ....
Jumping Into the World of Translation -...
Joe, the Rupees, and His Family of New Believers - Joe is a relatively...
It’s More Than a Fence - Comprised of 45,000 . . ....
Is This Your Year? - We’ve all had them . . ....
Investment Report - Each of us likes to receive reports on the status of our . . ....
Inside the Amazon Rain Forest - Gino shined his flashlight across the dark...
India’s Deaf Community “Hears” the Scriptures for the First Time - “My...
In the Zone - When Peggy Seitz and her . . ....
In God’s Hands in Benin - “I was finally free and . . ....
In Cameroon, You Are Bringing Hope by the Bucketfuls - The expressions on the two young...
Icing on the Cake - If you ask . ....
How Your Support Is Paving the Way for Volunteers - With a background as . . ....
How your support helped provide life-changing Scriptures and housing for Bible translators in West...
How You Helped Restore a Well (and Countless Lives) in Benin - Sometimes, meeting the...
How You Are Helping Open Eyes Spiritually and Physically - They came from all over South...
How One Short-Term Volunteer Made an Eternal Impact - As Bible translators in the remote . . ....
How ‘Bout Them Apples? - “I have a little present for you...
Hope for Generations - Translation of the Borong New Testament . ....
Home Away from Home - Nestled among the swaying . ....
History in the Making - Nate Gordon, a pilot serving Bible translators in . . ....
Helping With the Seemingly Small Stuff Also Has an Eternal Impact - Bible translation is a...
Helping Translation Triumph over Civil War! - "Several years ago," says Stewart . ....
Helping Guatemalans Hear the Gospel Message - Reaching the people of . . ....
Helicopters Get a New Home in Papua New Guinea - In the very mountainous jungles...
God’s Love Is Personal - Do you remember . . ....
God’s Love Is Overcoming Fear - “Whenever I got sick, I . . .”...
God’s Light Is Shining Bright in Papua New Guinea - In the Morobe Province of . . ....
God’s Design - Insurmountable problems without the right . . ....
God, the Old Man, and Six Rotting Mangoes - Brian Stubbs was having one of...
God’s Word—Powerful and Sweet - The people of Oku, in Cameroon, are known...
God’s Word Is “Shooting Me in the Heart” - It was crunch...
God Provides for a Specialized Volunteer - Help to relocate communications . . ....
God Overcomes Major Obstacles . . . - “It was like God was telling us . . .”...
From Tragedy to Triumph - Most of us will face tragedy . . ....
From the Front Lines to the Front of the Church - Joseph had a reputation...
From Grateful Hearts . . . a Special Note to You - Following is an . . ....
For Him - As I read the

Following in the Footsteps of Noah - There wasn't a . . ....
Finish Line Draws Near in the DRC - Two decades—that’s how long translators have...
Eyeglasses, Water Wells, Cell Boosters . . . Oh My! - Good vision is crucial for...
Equipping the faithful . . . ! - If I would be asked to give a brief history on what contributed to...
Equipped Like Never Before, Thanks to You - In November, 2012, Wycliffe Associates sent two teams...
Equipped for Battle - Many passages of Scripture remind us that...
Encourage Bible Translation Workers on the Frontlines via Facebook - For many Bible translation...
Emergency Relief for Nepal - “We were 62 members of...
Embracing the Violent - This past weekend yet another graphic video...
Easter Story Has New Meaning in Cameroon - “As I was reading, I lifted my head . . .”...
Doing the Good We Know - For most of...
Disaster Relief for Japan - Wycliffe Associates is deeply . ....
Despite Dangerous Conditions, Bible Translators Persevere With BTAKs You Helped Supply - For years...
Delivery of God’s Word Stirs Up Memories for the Ketengban People - Andrew and Anne Sims were...
Dear Christians of America . . . - Lucy Ker has...
Deaf School in Cairo Partners With Wycliffe Associates to Translate Bible Into Sign Language - The...
Converted Witch Doctor Now Shares God’s Word - Batoumbek was a literacy teacher among...
Computers Benefit Students—and Bible Translation - “Do you like Thai . . ....
Completed Translation Center Could Impact 800,000 Zambians - In the town of . ....
Compelled by Love - Dusty light drifted through the broken...
Comments from President Smith - How do you communicate with someone who doesn't speak . . ....
Comments from President Smith -...
Clean Water . . . It's Good for the Soul - In an isolated mountain . ....
Changing History—and Eternity - One of my . . ....
Cell Phone Booster Gives Bible Translators Five Bars! - Bible translators in Nigeria...
Carrying On at Full Power - Even when the hydroelectric . . ....
Can God “Dvu” People? - For the Hdi people of Cameroon,...
Building Understanding and Relationships - Although few of us spend . . ....
Building the Kasua New Testament From the Ground Up - In the heart of Musula...
Building a Foundation of Scripture - Eleven different languages were buried . . ....
Bruce’s Blog - With the support of...
Breaking through the Silence - My heart is still pounding. . ....
Bible Will Be the First Thing Ever Written in Etulo Language - The Etulo people have never had a...
Bible Translators Trade in Notepads for Laptops - On the surface it seems a...
Bible Translators Grateful for Technology—and You! - The following is an excerpt...
Bible Translator Resumes Work After Being Robbed and Beaten - For Onesmus, a Bible translator...
Bible Translation Soars to New Heights - Thanks to generous . . ....
Bearing One Another’s Burdens - A dusty footpath wound past our first home in...
Be Part of Our Online Community - God’s light is evident...
Availability Is More Important than Ability - It’s not our talents God is interested in . . . ...
Archbishop Reads Scriptures for the First Time - Excitement was in . ....
Answered Prayer - It is a common scene in . ....
After the Storm - When Philip Myles dropped . . ....
Accelerating Bible Translation with a Lawnmower? - Keeping airstrips maintained and safe will . . ....
Accelerating Bible Translation in PNG! - The dedication ceremony for the brand-new . . ....
A Tale of Two Tribes - For 20 years these two language groups...
A Sign from God - God has given Christina . . ....
A Shoe Box Is No Match for a Bible Translation Acceleration Kit - When you’re a Bible...
A Powerful Story - For many of us, Bible stories...
A Partnership of Hope - My map showed rivers and . . ....
A Heartfelt Thanks From the Field - Following is an excerpt from...
A Dream Come True - Hard labor and perseverance, and much prayer . . ....
A Different Kind of Love Story - "I am afraid that I will not see . ....
A City on a Hill - It is hard for us to even begin to imagine the

A Change of Hearts - Paul lives in one of the...
2014 Annual Report - The impact of your partnership...
2009 Christmas Gift Catalog - Give Christmas gifts with . ....
2009 Annual Report Now Available - Download your copy of . ....
“You are the salt of the earth. . . . - These are Christ’s statements to . . ....
“What I Can’t Do on Earth I Can Do in Heaven” - We all have our limitations . . ....
“There is a God who loves me very much.” - Tovat was filled with rage. . ....
“The Holy Word of God in Our Own Language Has Arrived!” - It looked like a scene from . . ....
“Sealed Wet Toilets” Could Open . . . - Water supplies contaminated with E.coli and cholera . . ....
“One of the Best Days of My Life” - Fifteen years of memories were gone . . ....
“Like an Anchor Pulling Us Back” - Having a Wycliffe Associates volunteer team of . . ....
“Jesus Was Speaking My Language” - More than 50 people . . ....
“God Brought Cameroon to Me” - “How does it feel to be . . .”...
Danke! (Thank You) - “Where’s the worksite?” . . ....
“Wow, we are important!” - Imagine if God...
“Why would this Jesus come to me?” - Hanifa’s dreams were vivid and...
“When I read the Bible, I don’t understand the words.” - “When I read the...
“We feel the sweetness of our own language . . . it cries good to our...
“We can only truly find God through our own language” - On October 17, 2014, on the...
“The Bible Is Life” for Indigenous People of South Africa - Born among the indigenous...
“See, God opened the weather for you.” - The clouds were thick and dark, not...
“My eyes were opened.” - Richard had heard about God in...
“Master of Sacrifices” Confesses Christ’s Ultimate Sacrifice - Tanath was a...
“I Would Just Like to Appreciate You . . .” - The apples were...
“I want this God.” - “I want to be baptized,” said Gregorio. “I want...
“I heard it in my own language, and I believe.” - “Why would you want...
“I have learned the true meaning of salvation.” - Mr. Zaverio was beginning to feel...
“I have chosen the best of things to do. . . . Nothing can stop me.” -...
“I felt my life was nothing—worthless.” - Peter Khudy was born among...
“God pulled the blindfold off.” - In the villages of Nobonob and...
“Ale ku kona-a!” (“It happened with your hands!”) - Nana Nketia, a village...
"We felt like the children of Israel . . ." - My name is Phill. When my wife Judy and I learned we...
"We Are All the Same" - John Sutton recently . ....
"Thank you for your decision to help out!" - As Mark Wuerffel's aircraft taxied to a halt on the...
"Our goal is not [just] translation, but transformation" - Nafian Saremo has...

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Executive Director's Prayer
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New Translation Word Begun
God's Word for the Pennsylvania German
Fall Scripture Celebration
Quechuas Ministering to Quechuas
Effective Useful Writing Systems
Serving While Studying
Northern Mandé Cluster
New Kwa Cluster
The Checking of the Last Book
Jula Bible
Choose to Take Action
Team-building Workshop
New Testament On The Way
Virtual Teams
Finance Manager Needed
Financial Support
Praise for Progress
Scripture Celebration
Three Continents Help Prepare the Sisaala Bible
Consultant Asks for Prayer
New Cluster Translation Program
If You Have Eight Minutes
A Harvest Unfolding
New Testament Published
Nearing the Finish Line
Thanks for the Team
Development Project Beginning
Survey Plans and Preparations
Mobile Phone Scripture Stories
Communications Workshop
Latin American Team in Ecuatorial Guinea
Prayer in the Americas
Translation, Linguistics and Literacy Course 2014
Leadership Training
That They May See
Latin Americans in Oceania
Language Program Budgets
Re-printing Scripture
A Growing Team
Administrator Needed
Prayer for Protection
Sowing for Eternity
Good Candidates for Storying
Praise for Experienced Staff & New Students
Students Begin Third Year
Writing Final Projects
Bible Translation Degree Program Praise
Impact of Course 'Introducti to Bible Translation'
Translators Needed
Visa Problems
Impact of Unrest
Film Documentary
New Literature
The Word Brings Joy
Seeking New Facilitators
Waiting for Translation to Begin
Continued Service in Literacy
Survey of Normanby Island
Ambul Speakers Need Scripture
Kainake Begin Translaton
Two New Organizations
A New Year at CILTA
Spreading the Word through Technology
Passing the Torch
We Want More New Testaments
Pray, Send, and Go
Stretching to Reach the Finish Line
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Rich Study Opportunities
Christian Leaders for Africa
Child Accusation
Initiative, Perseverance and Collaboration
African Missionaries
Romani Language Survey
New Scripture Materials Available
Uneapa Need Scripture
Transition After Two Translations
Scripture Songs
Sepik Oral Bible Storytelling
Adaot-it Workshop Success
Bible Translation Association Planning Process
Preparation for the Bible Translation Conference
Read/Watch What is Happening
Name Reflects Purpose
Challenge for Portuguese-speaking Church
Indigenous Translators of the Bible
What is Perseverance?
JESUS Film Preparation
Old Testament Translation
Literacy Preparation
Team Expansion
English Training Needed
Marma Translation Logistics
Severe Flooding
Community Review
Consultant Check
Rough Draft
Communication in Multi-Language Situations
Encouraging Quotations
The Film's Final Step
Film Distribution
Editing and Soundtrack Mixing
Testing the JESUS Film Translation
Translating the Scripts
Technology Advancement
Pacific Area
Latim America
Language School
Mike and Heather Eastwood
Peter and Rebecca Schug
Hostile Areas #3
Hostilel Areas #2
Hostile Areas
Marik New Testament
Spiritual Warfare
SALT Participants
Marik People
Water Drilling
Preserved Lives
More Praise
Praise and Prayer
Pray for Safety
National Partners
Operation Clean Water
89 Language Groups
Critical Positions
Construction Trip to Colombia
Solomon Islands
Area Directors
Physical needs
Internet Sites
Checking Bible Translations
Still Waiting
Scripture Engagement Challenge
EthnoArts Students Need Scholarships
Phonetics Course
Amazing Progress
Planning an Internship
One Dedicated Life
Preparing to Serve
Multiplying Orald Bible Storytelling
Old Testament Translation
Preparing Old Testament Books
Scripture Media Preparation
Impact of Archiving on Education
Preparing for Typesetting
Four Fabulous Specialists-in-Training
Preparing for a Banquet
Continuing Leadership Growth
Intensive Scripture Checking
Solos Language Team Begins Training
Learning to Praise
Interns Begin Training
Literacy Needed in Bougainville
Mankanya New Testament
Preparation for Bible Translation 2013
Bible Translation Partnership
Belize Kriol English New Testament
Spiritual Growth Among the Bribri
Returning Normalcy
Completed Bibles
Burunge Scripture Nearing Completion
Nali Team Checking Acts
Sibe People Keyboarding New Testament Books
Two Translations
Scripture in Nine Languages Nearing Completion
Planning within International Academis Services
Language and Culture Documentation Manual
Luke Nearing Completion
New House Church Formed
Audio and Written Scriptures
Degree Course Accreditation
Waiting 100 years
Complexity of Moving a Library
Centrality of Prayer
Consultant Development
Psalms and Proverbs
Translation Workshop
Kimwani Scriptures
Continue to Pray
Country in Need of Prayer
Moving Forward
Life Changed by Studying the Bible
Literacy Coordinator
Struggling to Finish
Not Quite Finished
Insight into Translation Studies
Ntcham Scripture Nearing Completion
Lubwisi Scripture Nearing Completion
Answered Prayer
Praying for Meetings
Bible Story Set Development
Luke Audio Almost Ready
Connecting the Bible with Daily Life
Nek People Check Scripture
New Testament Adaptation Beginning
Ono Celebrate Third Editon, Follow Up
New Office Needed
Mekeo Use Their Scriptures
New Guineans Checking Translations
Guhu Samane Celebrate Translation
Times of Refreshing
Multilingual Education Implementation
Sarah? A Prophet of God?
Radio Programs in Achi
Asking God to Overcome Obstacles
Bringing Healing to the Broken
Advanced Trauma Healing Course Follow-up
Bible Nearing Completion
Making Progress
New Testament Nearing Publication
Beginning a Bible Translation for the Marma
Two Events Planned
Distribution Consultation
Project Goals Met
A Prayer for Transformation
Impact of the Mother Tongue
Mofu People Use New Testament
West Aitape People Publishing Luke and Acts
Ethno-Arts Workshop
Bible Storying Process
Mother Tongue Leads to Success at School
Mambai People Translating God's Word
Enduring Nature of Word Done for God
Naro Translation
The Book of Acts
Getting it Right
Translation Facing Hurdles
Hurdles On the Road to Completion
Prospective Translations
Launching Translation
Preparing for Publication
Simultaneous Translations
How to Translate Idiomatic Expressions
FlexBridge - a New Software Tool
Scripture Revision and Perseverance
European Studen Program
God's Unconditional Love
Improved Situation
Projects Nearing Completion
Godpel of Mark Celebrated
Missions and Missionary Training
Sibe People Continue Translating
Saposa Team Translates Old Testament
50 Oral Bible Stories Completed
Financial Support
Study Programs
Audio New Testament
Telling God's Stories
New Translators
Romani Scriptures
Romani Language Survey
Advanced Trauma Healing Course
Scripture Engagement Leaders' Gathering
Why do Bible Translation in Christian Countries:
Medical need
Divine Intervention
Kempton Park Guesthouse
Significant Month
Productive Meetings
Loss in Cameroon
Peru Construction Team
Responsible Renter
Growth in New Churches
Bible Translators Strengthened
Operation Clean Water
New Believers
Scripture Portions Printed
The Bible Translation Team
Lubwisi Bible Translation Team
The Word of God in Lubwisi
People Groups in Nigeria
Rapali International School
Special Prayer Request
Volunteer Preparing to Go
Global Sign Language Initiative
Barai Translators Complete Hosea
Workshop Bring Reconciliation
Personnel Changes
Story Scripts
Comprehensive Project
Minority Language Literacy
Alphabet Design
Getting the Word Out
Preparing and Serving
Full Bible Completed
Language Learning
Key Translator in Serious Difficulty
Kombe Scriptures
Promoting the Scriptures
Elementary School Bible Curriculum Moving Forward
Jonah in Sign Language
Romani Language
Multi-country Sign Language Teams
Iceve-Maci Writing system
Refreshment Needed
Two New Translation Projects
Community Support for Translation
Rarotongan New Testament Revision
Training Sessions
Virtual Team
Minority Language Advocacy
Applied Linguistics
The Gospels in Toba Maskoy
Hands that Bring Light
Progress in Bible Translaton
Naro Bible Update
Tone analysis
Minaveha Checking Psalms and Proverbs
Aitape West Dictionary Workshop
Konai Finalizing New Testament
Aviation Needs
Bwaidoka Learning to Check Scriptures
Pamosu Check Scripture
Three Tiny Letters
Mother Tongue Speakers Needed
Translation Revitalized
Perseverance Despite Opposition
Komo Literacy
Naro Bibles
Typesetting Going Well
Adjusting Translation for Correct Meaning
Still Waiting
Local Checkers Needed
Video/Audio Strategies for Translation
Bible Story Projects
Ipulo People
Old Testament Underway
Beauty in Death?
Checking Galatians
Checking Colossians
Bible Storytelling Seminar
Financial Blessings
New Workers
God's Servant Recognized
First Ever Manobo Christian Gathering
Challenges and Checking
Favorite Bible Stories
Bible Olympics Spark Interest in the Word
Bantu Manual Under Way
Comparative Bantu Marrative Discourse Project
Tennet Scripture Changing Lives
Bible Brings Change
Bringing the Bible to Life
Rigorous Training for Bible Storytelling
Mother-tongue Linguist
Scripture Film
Dramatized Audio New Testament
Beginning to Understand
Scripture Crossing Religious Barriers
Teacher Training and Materials Development
Earthquake Victims
Software for Sign Languages
Golden Anniversary
Keeping Hearts Right
Trauma Healing Follow-up
Trauma Healing in Brazzaville Follow-up
Getting God's Word to People
Languages Waiting
Reaching the Ramopa
Three New Testaments
Ethiopia Comprehensive Plan
From Torture to Triumph
Inspiring Tongans, Preparing for Bible Translation
Lintuistic Training
Scripture Engagement Partnership
Local Churches Support Sought
Titans Beginning Work
Language Documentation Worker
Good Plans
Homeschooling Families
Schooling Challenges
Aramaic Projects
Board Meeting
Team Building
Leaving on furlough
New Training Center
Ukarumpa Clinic Renovation
Alotau Translation Training Center
National Translators
Hinsaal New Testament
Three Teams Training Together
Manambu Checking Delayed, Follow-up
Partners for Pacific Languages
Transportation Challenges
Practical Solutions Needed
Challenges of Team Work
Four Translation Teams
New Testament in Naro
Working Together
Training for New Workers
Scripture Engagement is Essential
Health and Strength for Those Behind the Scenes
Translation Team Needs Prayer
Good News From the Takwane Team
English Training Proposal
A Translator for the Kewa Meba
Firm Foundations for a New Partnership
Preparing for Mission
Next Step in Maasai Writing System
Maasai Writing System Follow-up
First Steps to Overseas Mission
A Passion for God;'s Name
Resources for Translators
Sign Language Translation, Austria
Sign Language Translation Denmark
Sign Language Translation
Evangelism Outreach
Bible Translation Acceleration Kits
Congress 2012
Prayer and Praise for People and Water
Children Praying for Bible Translation
Audio-recording of the New Testament
Belize Kriol English New Testament
Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing
Promotion of Bible Translation
Preparing for Bible Translation Ministry
Latin Americans in Bible Translation
Mankanya Scriptures
Preparing for Rural Education Course
Captain Needed
Mentor Training
Hebrew Course
Maasai Writing System
Prayer Training and Retreat
Language Vitality
Apprehension Regarding Freedom of Worship
Scripture, Yes, Freedom, No
Hymn Workshop
Distribution of Translated Scripture
Reproduction in Suitable Media
Consultant Checks
Translators Need Long-term Commitment
From 'No Scripture' to 'Bible-user'
Distribution of Translated Scripture
Reproduction in Suitable Media
Consultant Checks
Community Checking
Prayer and Community Backing
Translators Need Long-term Commitment
From 'No Scripture' to 'Bible-user'
Prayer Training and Retreat
Language Vitality
Apprehension Regarding Freedom of Worship
Scripture, Yes, Freedom, No
Hymn Workshop
Mru Translation Impact Committee
Urat Checking Progress
Wasembo Still Waiting
A Powerful Force For Good
Training Institute
Scripture Recording
Koluwawa Begin Training
Bariai Have New Testaments
Checking Successful
Minaveha Checking Genesis
Tonda Cluster Beginning Work
Good News
Printing Problems
Two Projects Want Sponsorship Follow-up
Working in Other Scripts
Warm Welcome
Church Partnership in Maring Translation
Bakairi New Testament Dedication
Training Bible Story Tellers
Bible Stories
Celebration of the Nadeb New Testament
Twenty Translation Projects
Consultants Needed
Translations On Hold
Project Evaluation
Hungry for the Word
Urat New Testament Drafted
No Scripture Yet
Rapid Word Collection Workshop
Sudest Project Nearing Completion Follow-up
Fruitful Sociolinguistic Survey
Good Results
Anthropology Essential Follow-up
Applied Anthropology Conference
Strategy Formulation Tool
Consultants Needed
Teachers Urgently Needed
Scriptures in Ajami
Akoye Seeds Planted
Sepa Speakers Need Scripture
Gaina Need Scripture
Engaging the Churches
A New Testament for Julian
Praise for Successful Global Meeting
Padi Storytelling Project
Translators Pass on Training
Language Program Managers Training
Praise for Another New Testament
Hearing the Story for the First Time
Scattered Teke Translation Team
Church Growth in Bahr el Ghazal
JESUS Film Impacts Six Languages
New Mother-Tongue Translator
Proclaimer Sheds Light
Praise for Facility
God's Order in the Church
Twenty Translation Projects
Training for Church Leaders
Scripture Listening Groups
Praise for Another New Testament
Language Program Managers Training
Translators Pass on Training
Padi Storytelling Project
New Aeroplane
Praise for Successful Global Meeting
A New Testament for Julian
Visas for Advisers
Three-month Training for Sudanese
Hearing the Story for the First Time
Scattered Teke Translation Team
Church Growth in Bahr el Ghazal
JESUS Film Impacts Six Languages
New Mother-Tongue Translator
Praise for Facility
Proclaimer Sheds Light
Anthropology Essential
Importance of Understanding Peoples' Stories
Origin of Sorrows
Cultural Beliefs Impact Translation
Cross-cultural Adjustment
Generational Differences in Language Use
The Boring Parts:
Family Separated by Further Training Need
Partnership Forum Under Way
Effective Sharing of Information
Communication for a Scattered Team
Sign Language Translaton
Preparing New Edition
Whole Bible in Last Stages
Scripture in Song Transforms
Unlocking Musical Systems
Going Beyond the Printed Page
Music at the Heart of Ministry
Lind Between Scripture and Scripture Songs
Ache Praise
Music and Worship
GuhuSamane Typesetting Old Testament
Students Come from Nine Countries
Translation is a Long Process
Tongans Receive Training
Tawala Training Funds Follow up
Ubir Genesis Launched
Story Telling for Lutheran Evangelists
Two Groups Pursuing Translation
Waiting for Updates
Sign Language
Excellent Results
Concern for Unreached Peoples
New Testament Being Typeset
Revised New Testament Celebration
Audio Scripture Changing Lives
Book-making Software
Urs Believers Baptised
Work Done Well
Audio Transmission of Scripture
Translations on Hold
Project Evaluation
Pressing Toward the Finish Line
Hungry for the Word
Pray for Restoration
New Workers
New Leader Needed
Kambari Scriptures Almost Completed
Multilingual Deaf Education Workshop
Honing Good Materials
Scripture Heals Follow-up
River Travel
Personal Renewal and Training
Distribution Consultation
Production Director Needed
Multilingual Education Meeting
Team Strenthening
Morisyen Psalms
Change Leading to Better Service
Continued Praise - Pacific Area
Completed Airstrip - Pacific Area
Pacific Area Praise
Progress in Latin America
Comprehensive Project
Meettoo New Testament
Language Communities in Creative Worship
Urat New Testament Drafted
Manambu Preparing for Checks
Suau Receive New Help
No Scripture Yet
Me'en New Testament
Linguistics Training Follow-up
Dictionary Publication
Deaf Commentary
Making Training More Available
Three Groups Beginning Translation
JESUS Film Evangelism
Preparing for Easter
Safety for Literacy Workers
Motorbike for Literacy Worker
Information Technology Department
Nigerian Translation Teams
Ticuna Bible Institute
New Testament Recordings
Church Growth
Five Country Cluster Project
Deaf Translation Consultant Training
Need with Enormous Impact
Construction Need in Papua, Indonesia
Wycliffe Associates Volunteer Needs Prayer
Praise God for Technology
Nigerian Translation Teams
Traveling Across Open Ocean
Translation Consultants
Literacy Workers
Help with Checking
Answered Prayer
New Alphabet
Travel Difficulties
Kewa Dictionary
Kewa People
Deaf Members Delayed
Christmas Travel Safety
Christmas Story Overcomes Hurdle
Christmas Gift of Understanding
Hearing the Christmas Story for the First Time
Two Days of Christmas
WordSign Speaks to the Deaf
Luke 2 Cape Verde Islands
No Rain
Distance Training
New Director for ACOTBA-SUBO
Nearing Completion
Kuo Baptism
Prayer Teams Needed
Translation of Psalms
Project Planning Needed
Literacy Programs
Holistic Ministry
Heavy Load
Vital Training
Workers for the Harvest
Challenges of Working at a Distance
Training workers
Spiritual Life
Successful Storying workshop
New Facilities Needed
Encouraging Moment
Leadership Meetings
Scripture Engagement
Bible Translation Association
Bantu Discourse book
Elementary School Bible Curriculum in E. Africa
Preparations for Scripture Dedications
Kifuliiru Bible Translation
Piilot Bilingual Education Program
Local Drawings for Scripture Booklets
Daily Scripture Meditations
Translation Soon to Begin
Protection for Literacy Worker
Progress in Karoninka Literacy
Karoninka Evangelists See Results
Linguistic Workshop
Making Wise Choices
Health Need
Where Do Harvest Workers Go
New Projects
Bakossi New Testament Celebration
Uyajitaya Need Scripture
Notsi Literacy Program
Non-Roman Scripts Workshop
Praise for Unity
Digital Bible Library
Language Software Initiatives
Training Institute i-DELTA
Linguistic Charting Course
Encouraging Scripture Use
Another Quechua Translation Nears Completion
Central Siberian Yupik
Hearing the Word
Celebrating God's Word
Fast Tracking the JESUS Film Script
Language Survey Restarted
New Testament Publication
God Sends Workers
Scripture Brings Transformation
Transformed Lives
Scripture Need
Technology Professionals:
Partnering with Wycliffe Associates
Violence On the Rise
New College Term
Translation Principles Course Students
Progress in Kamuku
Steps in Finalizing a Manuscript
Luke in Ten Languages
Shipping Mix-up
The Word Changes Lives
Pray Against Disturbances
Peace and Communication
New Countries, New Regulations
Mother-tongue Education in Schools
Scripture Use Leads to Commitment
Reading for Health
Local Support for Language Project
New Team Leader
New Recruits
New CILTA Semester
Missionary's Testimony
I-DELTA Training
Personnel Changes and Needs
New Testament Completed
New Testament Drafted
Partnership and Teamwork
Progress on Belize Kriol English
Kuna San Blas Old Testament Nears Completion
A Gift for the Embera
Tairuma Workshop
Ogea Typesetting Follow-up
Story Telling Success
Tongans Involved
Community Translation Team
Scripture Heals
Drama for Youth
Prayer Groups Encouraged
Stimulating Chinese Churches
Wycliffe Partnerships
Tok Pisin Revision
New Aircraft
Sign Language Conference:
Translator's Praise
Chinese Congress on World Evangelization
No Scripture
Prayer Information Coordinators
Translators for More Languages
Prayer Information Translators
Bible Near Completion
October Outreach
Teacher Training Follow-up
Linguistic Books Follow-up
Bible Translator Mentors
Wisdom Like Nehemiah
Recording Scripture
Vili Translation and Literacy
Growing Church Network
Nai-Tanggu Setbacks
Survey Personnel Needed
Irrigation Consultant Found
Hebrew Study in Jerusalem
Training for Translation
Quechua Christian Radio
Ogea Translation Typesetting
Bible Translation Training
New Bilingual Program
More Missionaries Needed
Virtual Teams
Eastern Apurimac Quechua Scripture Use
How Far to Angoteros?
Sign Language Survey
Sign Language Translaton Teams
Sign Language Translation Consultants Needed
Sign Language Software Needed
Digital Publishing Options
Old Testament Under Way
Orma Translation Challenges
Digital Publishing for Migrant Communities
Bible Translation Vision Trip
Huallaga Quechua Bible Celebration
Teacher Training Seminar
Memorandum of Understanding
Linguistic Workshops
Oral Bible Stories
Music, Illustrations and Marketing
Bible Curriculum to be Translated
School Bible Curriculum Challenges
Elementary School Bible Curriculum
Seeing the JESUS Film in Their Own Language
Bible Translation Conference 2011
Producing Quality Bible Translation
WEC International New Prayer Website
Scripture Use Consultation
Director Trainee Needed
Working Together
Translation Project on the Move
Checking the Translation Brings New Life
Walking for Literacy
Eager for More Training
A New Country
Scripture Recording for the Plaines Cree
Land Purchases for a New Office
Five Scripture Use Projects
Workshop for Old Testament Translation
People in Challenging Locations:
Impact of God's Word in the Mother Tongue
Logistics of the National Leadership Consultation
Preparing Children to Read the Bible
Literacy Project in the Highlands
Training that Produces Transformation
Is it Possible to Write this Language?
The Richness of Translation
Recruitment for Language Software Department
Political Instability
Translation Organization for Aramaic Dialects
Assyrian Translation Completed
Aramaic Dialects Translations Completed
JESUS Film in Kabuverdianu
Peace Cluster Initiative
People at the Margins
Living and Studying in Environmental Instability
National Consultation for Leaders
Translation Goals
Answered Prayer for JESUS Film Dubbing
First Gospel Reaches Mambay People
Time for Translation
Literacy Workshop Planned
Translation of Psalms Underway
Baka Oral Bible
Partnership in Computer Technology
Stage Three of Kambari Language Cluster
Old Testament Translation Team
Digital Publishing
Listening to the Scriptures
Growing Church Relations Team
From Skeptic to Co-worker
Jesus Messiah Picture Book
Building Technological Bridges
Linking Translators and Consultants
Linking Translators and Consultants
Discussing Bible Translation Needs Follow-up
Celebrating Luke
New Partnership Developing
Gangam New Testament
Communications Coordinator Needed
Answered Prayer
Old Testament Textual Project
People Listen to Scripture Together
Pray for the People and Bible Translation
How to Finish a New Testament Translation
Anthropology Essential Follow-up
Spreading the Word by Cell Phone
Help with Tsunami Cleanup
Barai Men Translate Old Testament
Henna Art and Storytelling
New Testament Dedication
Leadership Team Changing
Praying for the Zan Goula
Dictionary Development Workshop
Stories Needed
Endurance Needed
Kalo People Begin Translation
Women Ministering to Women
Promotion of Translation and Literacy
Guhu-Samane Scriptures Checked
Vision Trip
Promotion of Bible Translation
Proclaiming God's Word
Americas Area Celebration
Amam Translation Challenges
Translator Training Course
Translation Beginning
Old Testament Translation Checking Follow-up
JESUS Film Preparation
San Blas Kuna Bible Translation
Preparation for 'Bible Translation 2011'
Paratext Workshop
JESUS Film Script in Eight Languages
Earthquake Impacts Printing of a New Testament
A Tree Project
Latin American Missions Encounter
Preparing Leaders for Prayer Days and Retreats
Changing Times with an Unchanging God
Isles of the Sea Old and New Testament Project
Celebrating Luke
Irrigation System Repairs
Central Sulawesi Local Content in Schools Program
Impact of Bible Stories Told Orally
Staff Needs
Needs in Guatemala
Raising Support
Team to Brazil
Lanna OneStory
Need for Survey
Scripture Nearing Completion
Heavy Workloads Carry Stress
Translating the Epistles
Japanese Sign Language Bible Personnel
Encouragement to Translate
Needs in the Eurasia Area
Personnel needs
Site Volunteer Coordinator Needed
Health needs
Elections Follow-up
Final Revisions Before Typesetting
Ten-language Cluster Old Testament Project
Vision-building Work
Caring for People Through Prayer
Dear Outreach Has New Facilities
Bible Translation Coordinators Training
Building a Team
The Alphabet Museum
Daryl and Rebekah Nolt
New Training Program
Kuni-Boazi Translation Nears Completion
Wycliffe Publication Redesign and Rebranding
Wycliffe Featured in Korean on KGBC Radio
Introductory Training Course Begins
Outlingua 2011
Old Testament Project Starting
Dictionary Prepared for Publication
Loss and Celebration
Hawai'i Pidgin Scripture on Cell Phones
Difficult Decisions
The Highest Call
Focus on the goal
Translation Team Needed
Consultant Checking Needed
Nehan New Testament Dedicated
Scripture Review Needed
Final Checking
Music Workshop
Music Workshop Successful
Remaining Books to be Translated
Pre-school Literacy Project
Bible Translation Team
New Director; Big Transitions
Where is the Consultant?
Songhai-Humburi Senni
Encouraging Local Language Learning
Changes and Transitions
Literacy Helping the Community
Church Leaders Set the Example
A Clearer Witness
Teacher Shortage
Translators Learn From Their Translation
Abandoning the Harvest for Greater Gain
Location Needed for Literacy Program
February Elections
Growing Movement of Scripture Access for the Deaf
One's Own Language Easier to Read
Home-going of Prominent Leader
Oral Bible Storying
Answered Prayers for the Referendum
Trauma Healing for Oral Communicators
Taku'u New Testament Launched
Protection for Translator
Stages in Scriptures Reaching Intended Audience
Celebration of Bible Translation Movement
Challenges in an Asian Country
Operation Clean Water
Prayer needed
Tairuma Translation Program Needs Strengthening
New Support Needed
Nali Translation Progress
Orality Course Planned
Wisdom Needed
New Director Search
Missions Training
Reaching the Quechua People for Christ
New Translation Center
Sandy Wisner
The new DOOR Complex
The Americas Team
The JESUS Film
The Blessing of a New Year
Translator Recovers and Continues Work
Translators Return to Encourage Neighbors
New Candidates in Wycliffe Russia
The Goodness of God's People
"They Needed Coffee?"
Improvement of Language Worker's Hands
Working Towards Peace Follow-up
Volunteer Coordinators Needed
Africa Area
Water Supply Project
Additional Support Need
Covering for Furlough
National Translators
New Leadership
Help with Checking
Literate Mothers - - Literate Children
Expansion of Mofu-Gudur Program
Using the Scriptures
New Testaments Nearing Final Stages
Impact of Luke's Gospel
Scripture Read at Believer's Funeral
Jesus Loves the Little Children
Translation Project
Training Translation Consultants
Francophone Initiative Steering Committee Meetings
National Elections
Church Grapples with Health Problems
New Testaments Nearing Completion
Finding the Right Word
Old Testament Textual Project
digital Publication
i-DELTA Training Course
Scripture Distribution
New Testament Dedication
Tsikimba New Testament Delivery
Translating Key Documents
Children of Cross-cultural Workers
Mini-Bible Ready for Press
Planning Helps Reach More Language Groups
ABBI Cluster Translation Project
Training Mother Tongue Translators
Translation Completed
Translation and Literacy Underway
Gullah Scripture Recording
Children in Boarding Schools
Koti Consultation
Maintaining the Right Focus
Wycliffe Seminar
Translation Progress
Language Recording
Growth in a Partner Organization
New Facility
Working Quietly and Faithfully
Gizrra Music Workshop
Preparing for Typesetting
Mobilization Goal
Vision Building
Staff Needed for CILTA
Wycliffe Africa
Caring for the Whole Person
Old Testament Under Way
Leaders for a Group of Believers
Equipping People to Start Off Well
JESUS Film Coming in Two Languages
Yemba Translation Team Needs Encouragement
Philippians and Colossians
Parable Booklets Distributed
Forum of Bible Agencies
Working Towards Peace
Trauma Healing Training for Church Leaders
Operation World 7th Edition Internet Launch
Scripture Use Forum
Translation Awareness Workshop
Yopno Dedication
Luke and Acts Checked
Answered Prayer for Consultation
Results of the Third Lausanne Congress
New and Younger Leaders Needed
Enthusiastic Reception of the Word
Hidden Language Discovered
International Language Assessment Community
Bible Storytelling Now on Church Calendar
Advisor Needed
Three Chapters to Go
Choosing full-time Service Follow-up
Will the New Generation Be Literate
The Bible Applies to Real Life
Listening Comes Before Reading
Luke Workshop
Preparing for Bible Translation
Luke Workshops Follow-up
Dramatizing Bible Stories
Keeping the Whole Team on Track
Buksa People
Language Learning
Re-released Scriptures
Introduction to Cross cultural Ministry
The Impact of Bible Storying
Purposeful Travels Follow-up
Translated Word Needed
Agreement Signed
Program Management Workshop
Verse by Verse Checking
Missions Training
Deaf Leader Shares at Key Global Meetings
Scripture Transforms Students' Lives
Broadcasting God's Word in Mam
Micah Challenge Worldwide Day of Pray
Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization
Engaging Ata Manobo Pastors
Luke Workshops
Unity in Missions
Scripture Distribution
John's Gospel
Choosing Full-time Service
Solid Progress
Continuing Language Development and Translation
Global Leaders Meeting
Nor Failing in the Last Hurdle
Final Review of the Rapa Nui New Testament
Insights into Sustainability
Linguistics Forum Follow-up
Purposeful Travels
Scripture Media
Fundamental Course in Linguistics & Anthropology
Radio Broadcasts
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Operation Clean Water
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Running a Business for Visa Reasons
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Hunger and Thirst for God's Word
Fifty Years On...
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MegaVoice Brings the True Light
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God's Enabling Produces Perseverance
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The Word Impacts a Dispersed Community
Using the Ife Scriptures
Community Mobilization Course
A Teacher Learns About Jesus
Impressed by the Power of Jesus
Bakossi New Testament Nearing Completion
Tackling Adult Non-Literacy
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The Problem with Envy
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Obo Manobo Revision
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Translators Association of the Philippines
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Partnership Bears Fruit in Practical Ways
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Challenges in Audio-recording Scripture
Global Day of Prayer
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Peace for the Bimoba Area
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Language Development for Minority Peoples
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Waama Old Testament
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Pray for Freedom of Religion
Healing Words
Tsikimba Scriptures Setting
Praise for Completed Tsikimba Scriptures
Kambari Language Cluster* Praise
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Consultants' Valuable Contribution
Mandara New Testament Celebration
Eastern Arrernte Final Push
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'Are' are Language Bible Translation Program
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Puerto Ricans in Translation and Literacy
Integration of Wycliffe Americas Area and COMIBAM
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Team Work More Important Than Differences
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Multi-Language Teamwork
Guayabero New Testament Recording
Audio Translation of JESUS Film
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A Faithful Worker
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Changed Life
Quechua Outreach
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New Scriptures for the Mato
Earthquake effects - Chile
Earthquake - Chile
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Summer School
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Kenya Sign Language Launch Follow-up
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Working Independently
Context Enriches Prayer Information
Need for Scripture in Roma Languages
Translation Advisory Group
Commitment to Training
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JESUS Film in Ghomala'
Bible Translation Vision
First Draft Completed
New Testament Publication
Language Learning
Rabinal Achi New Testament Dedication
Lakota Translation
National Union of Indigenous Translators
Need for Mother-tongue Scripture
Wivi* New Testament Translation Completed
Agta People Documented
Need for Scripture in Roma Languages
Translation Advisory Group
Commitment to Training
Current Translation Work
Bible Translation Vision
Language Learning
New Testament Publication
Rejjoice with the Lote People
Isolated But Not Alone
Tsikimba New Testament Manuscript
Need for Written Materials
Targeting Little-reached Groups
Final States of Translation Need Prayer
Dedication Plans
Nearing Completion
Vernacular Scripture Conference
Mofu Multilingual Education
Muyang Literacy
Growing Interest in Mother Tongue Scriptures
Growth and Direction
Wycliffe France Membership
Volunteers Who Speak French
Reorganized Library
100-year-old Office Building
Joint Office and Housing Facility
Volunteer Opportunities in the Pacific Area
Moving to Australia
Pacific Area
Bible Translation Training Center
Site Volunteer Coordinator
Translation Teams Fill Vacant Positions
Volunteers Needed in Chad
Nearing Completion
Vernacular Scripture Conference
Mofu Multilingual Education
Muyang Literacy
Growing Interest in Mother Tongue Scriptures
Growth and Direction
Huichol Old Testament
Literacy for the Konkomba people
Happy Christmas for the Konkomba
Mozambican Bible Translators
Bible Translation Conference
Launch of Sign Language Bible stories
Hawaii Pidgin Old Testament Translation
Personnel Needed
Key Terms for Biblical Hebrew Project
Wycliffe Japan
Dear Bible Translation and Training Center
Tsikimba New Testament Progress
Insights into Deaf Culture
Madura People
New Language Projects Beginning
Jula Bible Nearly Finished
New Projects Starting
Konabere Project
Kru Initiative
Global Bible Translators Celebrates
Miniafia Language Community
Adopt a Country
Training New Students
Kenyang New Testament
Lack of Progress
Nomaande New Testament Dedication
Digital Publishing of Scripture - answered prayer
New Strategies in Literacy
Translation Consultants Needed
Good News
Dedication of Kodiak Airplane
Scripture Engagement* Maluku, Indonesia
Scripture Engagement*
Word and Witness Needed
Completed Bibles
Translations Soon Completed
Translation Project
Work Begun Among the Waata People
Gospel of Mark Dedicated
Africa Training Program
Adaptation* of JESUS Film in Carib
Strength, Faith and Humility
Workers Needed
Bantu Manual Under Way
Training for Missions

Wycliffe Associates Banquets
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Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA (10/27/2015)
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Nampa, ID (10/23/2015)
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Idaho Falls, ID (10/19/2015)
Daytona Beach, FL (10/17/2015)
Jacksonville, FL (10/16/2015)