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Volunteer Opportunities Abound

Christian mission trips and opportunities abound. However, finding and deciding on an organization where you can do volunteer work abroad and find fulfillment—given your unique skills, personality, and desires—can be a challenge.

Most people looking for such opportunities probably don’t realize the variety of activities in which they could be involved. Positions requiring skills such as accounting, teaching, administrative, business, computer, construction, electrical, counseling, language, medical, plumbing, music, tutoring, and Web site management are available. And these are just the tip of the iceberg once you start researching.

When it comes to overseas mission work, people often think in terms of directly sharing the gospel or being involved in Bible translation work. However, it is common to miss the myriad of opportunities to provide support to other full-time missionaries. For instance, being able to help missionaries with a construction project is a calling that has been extremely joyous and rewarding for many.

If you enjoy or have experience in teaching, perhaps you could consider specific projects to help others, like advising teachers in the developing world, compiling handbooks and materials, giving online learning support to missionary families, or helping establish specialized schools.

Other volunteer projects can include building schools, helping in clinics, farming, conducting rainforest conservation, tree planting, computer training, health and environmental education, and youth work.

The decision to serve others with your talents and skills brings you such a wide range of opportunity. You will find that you grow and develop spiritually, progress professionally, work practically, expand relationally, and grow personally.

One Christian organization, Wycliffe Associates, believes they have a great opportunity to match talents and skills with volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers can go at any time, for as long as they wish. This could be on a volunteer short-term mission vacation basis, a full-time basis, or anything in between.

If fears about capability and adequacy are a concern, many quality organizations provide volunteers with training, language preparation, and/or field support, empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave.

While volunteering overseas can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, those who want to gain international experience but don't want to travel overseas can volunteer with one of the many international community organizations based in the United States.

Consider redirecting your vacation time toward international volunteer organizations, and find that the “vacation” of choice for many is in the mission field.

Since 1967, Wycliffe Associates has supported the worldwide efforts of Bible translators. Through volunteer programs in local communities and overseas, Wycliffe Associates provides hands-on opportunities and personal involvement for those interested in using their gifts and abilities to accelerate the translation of the Bible for indigenous peoples.

To find out more about the many interesting ways you can become involved as a volunteer, visit our Top Volunteer Opportunities page. Consider how Wycliffe Associates can match your skills and interests with any future needs that may arise. If you are interested in a short-term Christian mission trip opportunity, teams are being formed.

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