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Operation Clean Water

Operation Clean Water

Millions of people around the world, children and adults alike, don’t have clean water to drink, let alone for bathing or cooking.

No one can live without fresh, clean water. In many areas, it’s impossible for Bible translators to work because water is so unavailable. Where translators are able to work at all, their work is slowed down by the ceaseless quest—the desperate need for clean water.

This is far more than just a problem for translation teams, however. Accessing clean water is a life-or-death struggle for multitudes of the people we are trying to reach with God's Word—and many are losing this battle.

“It’s hard to share the hope of the gospel when they're dying of physical thirst,” said one of our volunteers.

That is why we have launched one of the most aggressive global campaigns of our entire ministry history: to provide clean water for millions of people in crisis. This will enable Bible translators to work in areas where they never could gain access before.

South Asia:

Earlier this year a water well was dug at a Bible translation training center that was over 1,000 feet deep! But this only provided half of the ongoing clean water needs of the campus. A recently purchased tractor and water tanker fills their remaining clean water needs.


A local drill team has drilled and constructed a water well at a translation and training facility for a very affordable price. Due to the remote location of this training center, our Angolan partner has requested that a volunteer team come and install the pump and water distribution system. They also ask that the local operations manager be trained to properly maintain the water system.


Nationals in the Ndop region of Cameroon continue to lead training sessions, with the assistance of the Wycliffe Associates team, in BioSand water filter construction, use, and maintenance; hand pump design, water well surveys, and agriculture. Please pray for our Cameroonian partners taking these important steps in caring about clean water and other needs of their communities. Because of the close connection that the Operation Clean Water teams have with the local Bible translation team, the villagers are beginning to respect the work of the Bible translators and listen to them when they share new Scriptures.

The Operation Clean Water staff is seeking God’s wisdom in deciding the best approach to meet each water project need.

With your prayer support and your generous donations, we will continue to launch Operation Clean Water at translation sites all around the world, using wells, filtration, and a wide array of technologies.

Best of all, having a network of Wycliffe Associates volunteers working alongside Bible translation teams already in place in the thirstiest parts of the world makes us uniquely able to launch these programs quickly and effectively.

Operation Clean Water

Operation Clean Water

Millions of people around the world don’t have clean water to drink. See how you can help give them the desperately needed gift of clean water—and along the way, give them the life-giving gift of God’s Word in their own language.

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