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Southern Africa Advance

Southern Africa Advance

The Setting—It's uncharted territory. It takes faith. It takes financial support, and it takes prayer.

The Crisis—National translators are willing to make any sacrifice to put God's Word in the hands of men, women, and children in their community. They know how powerful it is. But they cannot accomplish the all-important work of Bible translation alone. These faithful believers need technology, training, and resources to translate God's Word as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Need—The need is huge! Hundreds of language communities in the Southern Africa countries, which include Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, need God's message of hope.

The Opportunity—Wycliffe Associates already has taken the first steps. A MAST* (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) workshop in Zambia assisted 38 national translators from two language groups to start translating the New Testament into their languages.

Late last year, 50 national translators from Namibia and Botswana started three New Testament translation projects. One mother-tongue translator, Ruth Luthezi, reported, "I came to translate simply because we do not have a Bible in Chifwe. I find the project very, very good. I am actually very happy that I'm a part of it because it's going to make such a big difference in our community."

MAST team member Jacob Toliver, who helped facilitate the Botswana MAST, says, "This is a really great experience. It's amazing to see the people get the Bible for the first time in their own language."

The Cost—What a beginning! God has opened the door. Will you walk through it with us? Your prayers and your support are critical. Wycliffe Associates needs $500,000 to support translation efforts in southern Africa. What will you do? Will you make a generous donation?

Or will you give of your time and experience to be a MAST team member and help facilitate a MAST workshop like Jacob Toliver did? Your experience may be exactly what is needed right now!

At the Botswana MAST workshop, eight more language groups signed up to send teams of pastors and church leaders to a MAST workshop to be trained to translate the Bible into their own languages.

How will you help get God's Word to all of southern Africa?

*MAST is a collaborative translation methodology that is allowing the entire Bible to be translated quickly and accurately!

Southern Africa Advance

Southern Africa Advance

Wycliffe Associates is poised to partner with the church and national Bible translation organizations to begin new Bible translation projects in hundreds of languages in Southern Africa.

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